Typical Figuring of a Cassegrain.

     You are encouraged to grind and polish your own Cass optics.  It is a very useful and challenging segment of astronomy.  In some types of Cass telescopes no ready made optics are commercially available except on special order.   Making your own optics allows you to control optical accuracy; f-ratio, variety of Cass, etc.  The old stand-by for telescope optical making in the three volume set " Amateur Telescope Making" published by Scientific American, New York.  The material goes back to the 1930's but the information is still quite useful.  Methods and materials have greatly improved since then so making a Cass telescope is not as difficult as it used to be.  This set or books generally has the best information on designing and making refractor lens elements.

     Additional references are listed after the section Cassegrain Optical system Designs on page 8 of this booklet.  A recent book covering more up to date optical design and working is Beginners Guide to Astronomical Telescope Making by James Muirden, Published by Transatlantic Arts, Inc. Levitown, NY. 1975.  (Also see the review of this book by Robert E. Cox on pages 469-471 of the June 1977 issue of Sky and Telescope Magazine).  This book has material on Dall-Kirkham, Schmidt correctors, and Maksutovs.  The following are additional references on various related topics.

     Bob's Note: The Amateur Telescope Making bookset is also reprinted by Willmann-Bell in a revised format where the articles are grouped together by subject rather than the earlier set where they were more random in organization.  End Bob's Note.
Telescopes - How to Make Them and Use Them, Macmillian Publishing Co., inc., New York Compilation of Sky and Telescope magazine articles before e1968 and covers a wide range of topics including mountings, drives, mirror making, and special purpose telescopes.
Test for figuring Cassegrain Secondary Mirrors, Sky and Telescope magazine, Jan 1970
Testing a Schmidt Corrector, Sky and Telescope magazine, Vol. 371 page 250.
Vacuum Method of Making Corrector Plates, Sky and Telescope magazine vol. 41 page 388
Maksutov Cameras for Astronomical Photography, Sky and Telescope, Vol. 28, page 168
Silvertooth Method of Working a Cassegrain Secondary, Sky and Telescope vol. 30 page 308
Notes on the Cassegrain Secondary, Sky and Telescope bol. 30 page 375
Lensless Schmidt Camera for Astrophotography. Sky and Telescope , vol 47 page 333
Ronchi Null Test for Paraboloids, Sky and Telescope vol. 48, page 325.

8 inch Cassegrain built by Kenneth Wolf now in use by a college observatory.
Cassegrain assembled by Ms. J. Castle and shown in her Australian observatory.

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