This is Software that I've been involved with.

These are the various software programs that I have been involved in, either as the original source or in conjunction with others that had software that had a good idea but a poor human interface.
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Download these files by clicking on the underlined name with your right mouse button and save them directly to your disk..

As with any software downloaded from anywhere, for safety's sake, I do suggest that you do check all files that you download for viruses before opening them. This doesn't mean that these files have any virus attached to them but when you get a virus from places like Microsoft itself, you can never be too careful.

Have fun and let me know if there is anything wrong.
File nameWhat it does
TRACE This program aids in the development of correctors for Astrographs and visual telescopes. Paul Lind was the original source for this program.
Windows program written in VB3. File size is 40,678 bytes.
SCALE One of my collection programs. This has some dial makers (HP LaserJet REQUIRED), a simple sundial program and a Foucault Zone number generator for use with the Foucault tester. The Foucault program generates the numbers that you need to get to rather than the TEX.EXE's put the numbers you get into the program and get out how good it is.
Windows program written in VB3. File size is 13,911 bytes.
GUIDE This is the program that uses a Connectix B&W QuickCam to do autoguiding of a telescope. It requires a B&W QuickCam, VGA display, serial port converter by Richard Berry (or other interface that handles that particular type of interface) and a parallel port in order to function correctly. Source code is included so that you can make changes if desired. Written in conjunction with Marty Niemi. File size is 87,048 bytes. Written in QB4.5 for DOS.
ALICE A JPEG file compressor. Also does some file conversions and resizing. Unfortunately, it doesn't handle the GIF format but does do an excellent job of JPG file compressing. Written in VB2 for Windows. File size is 163,185 bytes.

MOBSBY This program generates a .BMP file which can be printed and then photographed with slide film to make a Mobsby Grating Test film. Zip file includes the source file and the runtime for the EXE file. File size is 67,447 bytes. Written in QB4.0 for DOS. Program can be recompiled in QB4.5 with no problems.
GSUM This program is a somewhat primitive doublet refractor design program. It uses the Allen Gee G-SUM method of designing the scope. It also includes raytracing abilities to evaluate the design but unfortunately has no file storage ability. Program was written as freeware by Jean Prideaux, Donald and Jerry Wright. The file has the GSUM program and a documentation file in the self-extracting .EXE file. Program is a DOS program and is 50,096 bytes long.
THREE FLATS This program calculates the fringe flatness when making flats without any reference flat. The John Pierce article on flats elsewhere in my pages gives the calculations if you want to do them by hand but this simple program will do the calculations on the computer. The program was written by a European so the comma may also be used as the decimal marker. Program is a Windows program and the zipped up file is 6719 bytes long.