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Me with some of the testing equipment that I use. Gene Larr and self Foucault testing a mirror with a camera.Click on pictures
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This website is for the collection of articles concerning telescope making. If you have something nice, I may post it here. If you are having problems with HTML in a optics design or optics testing article, I can provide some help for you, just e-mail and see what I can do. Please note that this is a Microsoft code-free zone so your browser should work just fine on these pages. this page is also formatted for 640x480 screens so that everybody can see the pages.

Telescope Construction
Mirror Making with plaster tools Roger Ceragioli's Refractor Article
Doing the Hindle Test for convex surfaces How to make a portable Ronchi Tester
How to calculate the grating for the
Mobsby Null test for Aspheric surfaces
John Pierce Articles on Telescope Making from 1933
A Chart of Sagitta measurements. An interesting grinding machine or spindle for doing small grinding work
A case of Astigmatism from improperly supporting a thin mirror on a test stand. Notes on using a Camera with the Foucault test.
Construction Notes on a Vacuum Pan and Corrector Plate. Making Spherometers
The tools needed for making lenses Cassegrain Construction and Design Notes.

Theory and History.
Leon Foucault article on Telescope Making and Testing from 1857 Understanding the basics of the Foucault Test From David Harbour
Two articles on the Mersenne-Schmidt telescope. Comparison of an off-axis Newtonian telescope to a normal on-axis one.
Diffraction Assisted Figuring Test Some musings on a Dall double slit test

Misc. Things.
Modifying a power invertor to a Drive Corrector Various Pitch Characteristics
Temperature Coefficients of Various Materials How to get a webpage on the Web.
Old Bausch and Lomb catalog of glasses. Chance catalog of glasses.


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Astronomy site cameras.

These are some of the cameras viewing some of the domes and other parts of astronomy sites. Please let me know if any are marked wrong as I just pulled this list from a posting in SAA. Also let me know if there are any more camera views that you know of and think that others would be interested in seeing.
Mt. Wilson Solar Tower Hawaii Summit Hawaii IRT dome Hawaii JCMT dome
MKS cam Hawaii cam 1 Hawaii cam 2 KPNO dome
Mt. Graham area A Cat Cam
(for something different).
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